Banana Boat

Banana boat provides an unmatched inflatable water sport experience for the watercraft enthusiast. Spend days out in the lake or local river, togged by a speed boat while on your light commercial elite class banana shaped boat. See top info on this type of boat and where to buy one.

banana boat

A banana boat is a banana shaped inflatable recreational water craft designed to carry 2 to 10 people on a ride, attached to and pulled by another boat.

It has a central large banana-shaped inflated dome and two flanking tubes by each side of the dome. The passengers sit on the banana shaped dome, resting their feet on the two flanking tubes. These two flanking tubes also stabilize the boat.

Some designs of this type of boat comes with two main tubes or banana-shaped dome, sandwiched by three side tubes as shown in the picture on this page.

The main tube of this recreational watercraft is often yellow in color, though could be in any color.

This boats are truly a fun to ride on any time especially on a sunny day in the water.  It is a very popular form of water sport in Australia, Hawaii, Canada, Mainland USA and Jamaica.

Choosing Your Banana Boat

Banana boats are made from durable, reinforced PVC materials with stainless steel pull rings attached to tow harness with a steel toggle to anchor your boat to a towing speed boat.

Depending on the side of the party you would be expecting on a ride with you, you can get a 3, 5 or 10 passenger carrying capacity boat for use. Be sure to buy or hire a banana boat built by reputable inflatable boat  builder like the Island Hopper Light Commercial Elite Class Banana Boat.

Water Sledge Boats Ride: True fun Awaits You

Be sure to try out a banana boat ride experience next time you are on holiday or vacation in the sun in Hawaii or anywhere that offers banana inflatable boat rental. It is an experience you would always cherish.

During a ride, the driver of the boat sits in the front and makes sharp turns which consequently flips the banana-shaped boat up and down. As the boat flips up and down the waves, it becomes very enjoyable for the riders. Most rides on these boats last anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes at a time, though you can enjoy the pull on the boat for a long as you wish.

This boat sometimes also goes by the name ‘banana’ or a ‘water sled’. Of all the other towed water sports, riding a banana or water sledge boat is comparatively safer and even children (ages 4 and up) can have a ride and have fun.

There are countless places, all over the world which offer banana inflatable boat ride services like the ‘South Padre Island’, ‘Tanjung Benoa Beach (Bali)’ etc .

Whether you’re sitting on the banana water craft with a friend or an entire group of friends and family, a banana-themed boat is an excellent way to explore the waters that surround you.

Banana Inflatable Boat Fun: Be Safe

As in all water related recreational activities, there are certain safety measures which should be taken.

  • All the riders of the banana inflatable boat are required to wear a life jacket, at all times because the boat keeps on moving, making sharp turns. So, just in case  somebody falls off the boat, he will be wearing a life jacket which will prevent him from drowning. 
  • Wearing a sun block / sunscreen is also advisable to avoid the skin from being damaged, as a result of being exposed.
  • Ride only on a well supervised and patrolled water boat especially if having your water fun with your family with little children.  Always make sure help is near by.

Where To Buy A Banana Inflatable Boat

You can get new or fairly used banana inflatable boats online at

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