Bilge Pumps

Looking to buy boat bilge pumps? Let our experience guide you in choosing the right pump for you.

Bilge water pumps make up one of the most important boat safety devices to own.

Boating experts recommends that boats should have at least three bilge pumps at all times. Boats more than 40 feet in length should have four (4 pumps for 40 feet rule) or more pumps for your bilge water. They may save you from a bad day … even more than a life jacket can!

Whether you are a commercial fisherman, or pleasure yachtsman or even a cruising boat fanatic, preparing your self against a possible overflow of your bilge with dirty oily water or clean water spillage from the sea onto your boat which could cause it to capsize is a wise investment.

According to Jim Howard and Charles Doane, Co-Authors of the boating book: Handbook of Offshore Cruising: the dream and reality of modern ocean cruising , all boats should have: "

  • A small electric pump for routine and occasional pumping

  • A reliable permanently mounted Bilge pump operable from the cockpit, and

  • A high capacity emergency manual bilge pump that can move of water"
.Types of Bilge Pumps

There are basically two types of bilge water pumps. These are:

  • Submersible Pumps and the

  • Centrifugal Pumps

The centrifugal pumps have won greater confidence amongst users and the submersible bilge pumps are difficult to repair, albeit being unreliable…the Rule submersible pump being an exception to this.

So many brands of bilge pumps can be found in the market, made by different companies. They include:

Factors To Consider When Selecting a Bilge Pump

Before setting out to buy a bilge pump for your personal water craft or fishing boat, consider the following:

  • Should I buy a Heavy Duty Bilge Pump or a Regular Range pump? If you can afford it, buy both types. Remember, you should have at least three bilge pumps on your boat.

    Yes. Heavy duty pump is recommended for use in the bilge for commercial and fishing boats, where oil spillage into the bilge is not an infrequent occurrence. For any boat plumbing that will involve dirty water and debris of any sort, go for a heavy duty bilge pump. When not sure what type of pump to pick, buying a heavy duty pump will be the choicest thing to do.

    For pleasure personal water crafts, the regular leisure range of pumps are frequently used.

    A small electrical bilge pump is usually automated to start pumping water out of the boat once water level reaches a certain point (Float switch model). This is very useful, say if your house boat starts getting filled with water while you are asleep, or even when you are away from the boat.

    A strong manual bilge pump such as the Edson 30 pump can pump out up to 30 gallon of water per minute from your boat. What a tremendous capacity.

  • What Make of Pump to buy? Without any question, Rule Bilge Pumps are the best and most reliable boat water pumps to own and use. They come first in power, reliability and performance.

    Jabsco Bilge Pumps are the next in line, given the fact that they can mop up water at lower level, and are easily repairable.

    The Whale Titan Bilge Pump is a manual diaphragmatic bilge pump good for cockpit operation, and have enormous pumping capacity. It is a pump worth considering too. So too is the Edson 18 or Edson 30 pump, as mentioned above.

  • Pump Capacity. This is very important. As mentioned above, water can over flow and overwhelm you and your boat in minutes. Having the right bilge pump capacity is the surest way to deal with such situations. But, all boats can not carry the largest available pump. What guideline could help?

    If you are settling for the brand of bilge pumps, then go for Rule 2000 and above. These are the pumps that can truly be useful for all routine pumping and for emergency.

    You will off course have a back up pump with even greater Gallon Per Hour pumping capacity. Pumps can fail you at any time. Have back ups always.

    For boats above 40 feet, a 8000 Gallon Per Hour pump should be that starting point in terms of boat water pump capacity to consider.

Where to Buy Bilge Pumps Online

There are lot of places online to buy bilge pumps at discount prices online. The highest quality pump should be purchased and properly installed. We have found two of best sites for you. Please remember to compare prices to allow your money go further.

We have always recommended shopping for your boating supplies where you are guaranteed of quality and good price – At Amazon Bilge Pump Store & BoatersWorld .


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