Boat Fender
Choosing The Right Fender

A boat fender is a piece of pliable vinyl material, woven rope, wood or soft padding that is usually hung on the side of a boat as a bumper.

They help to absorb shock and prevent damaging scratches and crunches to a boat from the wave of the sea, or collision from another boat or the docking pier. These marine fenders are usually made from woven ropes, styrofoam material, or now more often, from heavy vinyl materials, with air core, providing remarkable cushioning effect.

Foams are also used in the cores of boat bumpers. Many boaters do use old car tyres as fenders for their boat.Just hang these to the side of the boat's hull with a rope. Like most things in life though, you get what you pay for. Spend a few extra quid and get a fashionable commercial poly-form boat fender. You may be able to get a color that even matches that of your boat's hull. If you get a good purpose made inflatable fender, it could serve as a buoy in an emergency and help safe lives!

Choosing The Right Fender

Whether your boat is small or big, you need a boat fender. They will also help protect your boat pain work and keep your pleasure craft clean from scratches.

  • The bigger your boat, the bigger the size of fender required. Fender come in sizes from as small as one to three feet long and six inches to three feet in diameter.

  • They also come in various shapes, from rectangular, cylindrical, curved, to circular. The circular fenders tend to offer a more rounded protection, especially on the ends of a boat.

  • It is advised that you have at least three fenders, but up to five is ideal. Place one fender at each ends of the boat, and one in the center of the boat.

  • Marine experts advice on picking the right fender size for your boat is that for every one meter of boat side length, increase your fender size by 15milimter.

  • Avoid tying fender lines to lifelines.

Fenders also a useful tool to place on a boat trailer. Your boat trailer fender will make sure your trailer stay protected from unnecessary crunches and scratches just like your boat.

Types of Fender

Marine fenders come in different forms, shapes and makes. They are often described either by the material they are made up of, their core material, or by the manufacturer. Popular fenders include:

  • Taylor Made Fenders

  • Inflatable fenders

  • Polyform fenders

  • Alabama Crimson Tide Fenders

  • Attwood pneumatic marine fenders

  • Auburn Tigers marine fender

Where To Buy Fenders

Wondering where to get fenders from for your new boat? You can get them from your local boating accessories stockist or online here. Once you have made up your mind on the type of fender you want for your boat, just click on the type (reviews on each type may please see what others have said on a type of boat fendering equipment before buying it).

We recommend Boat Fender from West Marine. They are a trusted name in boating equipments.

You can get very good quality cheap boat fenders from eBay too. Please see those displayed below if they fit your need.

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