Boat GPS

Do you need a boat GPS (Global Positioning System)? Or do you just want some information on how to use these handy marine navigation gadgets!

We have provided valuable information on GPS for boats, what to consider in selecting one, where to get discount GPS for your boat, and indeed a list of top sellers of boating GPS in the UK, US and Canada.

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You can easily find your way around with a boat GPS, and you can also chart many GPS models to keep track of your experience.

There are various types available, ranging from moderately to extravagantly priced. Many people start with a beginner GPS model and upgrade later as they become more proficient at water exploration.

Some global positioning systems designed for marine use also have other bells and whistles that help you with water depth and even more advanced navigational controls. There are many types of gadgets suitable specifically for use on a boat. Whether you’re on a yacht or a small Jon boat, you can definitely benefit from this technology.

GPS Benefits

There are specially designed GPS units for boaters. Any GPS unit will work for navigation but some models designed for boating use include

  • fish finder options

  • Predicting tides

  • determining depth

  • charting and plotting a navigation course

and other information that can be great for the fisherman as well as someone who simply likes boat travel. There are so many boating electronics that can enhance your boating experience. The easier it is for you to find your way around unfamiliar areas, the safer you will be.

Factors to Consider When Buying A GPS

GPS device comes in many different makes, sizes, shape and cost. AFI Beckson, Boatmates, Carlyn, Davis, Digital-Concepts, Furuno, Garmin, GE-Sanyo, Humminbird, Lilly, Lowrance, Magellan Maptech, Navman, Navionics, Nite-Ize, Northstar, Pelican, RAM-Mounts, Raymarine are the leading manufacturers and dealers of boats GPS.Garmin is by far the most popular and best used GPS system, especially in North America.

When selecting a GPS device for your boat, it is not just enough to go by what people buy the most. There are factors that you need to consider, to help you reach an informed decision on what brand and type of marine GPS to buy. These factors include:

  • Should I buy General GPS or Marine GPS?. Yes. A good starting point. You can buy and use a general GPS – the same you use in your car if you want to. But know that marine GPS comes with inbuilt tide charts, preloaded waypoints. If you have a general GPS receiver, you may be able to download waypoints from websites such as the Garmin website.

  • In Built Map? . Some Boats GPS come with in built maps. These are unusually more expensive than those without map. Spending the extra money acquiring a map in your boats GPS may make you happier in days and weeks and months to come. If your device has no map, you can download maps online into your GPS – for a small fee.

    Note that some GPS boat in one country containing a MAP of another country may not work when you get to the country you want to use it. Find out before making the purchase.

  • Accuracy of Navigation. How precise do you want your watercraft GPS navigation to be? Some boating GPS have accuracy of 1 – 3 meter, while some could pinpoint where you are by a wide margin of up to 15 meters from where you are.

  • Display Screen. The more bigger the screen size, more colour and higher resolution, the more expensive it will be.
  • Where Will I mount my Boat GPS?. Will you want a boat GPS that can be mounted on the cockpit or handheld? Having a back up handheld marine GPS at any given time inside your boat is a wise thing to do…if you can afford it.
  • Cost. If you can only afford a boat GPS with basic functions, why not. New models continue to be released all the time. So at a point in time, you could be able to upgrade your boat GPS as you may wish.

Recommended Boat GPS

The following GPS are the top boat GPS for optimal boating experience... both for pure navigation purpose and fishing in the open sea:

Beyond the boat GPS to help you navigate and keep track of things on your outing, a communication system is important. Not all cellular phones will work on the water. Many people will find that they have trouble keeping a signal while on a lake, river, or the ocean.

Having a two-way communications device while on the water is a good idea for safety purposes. There are many navigational products on the market, fish finders, and other gadgets - including satellite radio and radar equipment. Being able to communicate in an emergency as well as having a well-stocked safety kit on board is crucial to being prepared for a fun outing!


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