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Get a boat instant insurance quote online now. Whether yours is a personal water craft for leisure, canal boat, fishing boat, or high range power boat and yacht, there is a low rate insurance for you. Determine the level of coverage you want and your quote is just minutes away.

You can get your instant boat insurance quote here now from BoatUS. You may be surprised to find out how little a boat insurance cost in comparison to the peace of mind and protection it offers.

Before getting a quote for your boat or yacht insurance, it is important to write down what you expect from a marine insurance and how much you are willing to pay for this. The best boat insurance quote is not necessarily the cheapest quote. The following are things to consider before settling for a boat instant insurance quote online or even from a broker:

  • Will this insurance actually cover my boat type?
  • In what types of water am I covered - lakes and rivers only or up to the Mediterranean sea or do I need cover worldwide?
  • Am I covered for water sports and are my water sports and fishing gears or any other gears in the boat covered?
  • How much is the third party liability in case of accident?
  • Can I afford the premiums and is there a flexible premium payment arrangement?
  • What is their claim history Good at fast settlement?

Don't pay more than you should for your boat insurance. Use all available online tools to search and compare every boat instant insurance quote.

Benefits of a Good Boat Insurance

The benefits of having a good boat insurance cover cannot be over emphasized. If you take out a loan or finance the purchase of your boat, you most likely are required as a term of the financing agreement to insure the boat. If you are buying the boat with cash, you should also consider basic or comprehensive boat insurance. Boat insurance not only protects you if the boat is stolen or in an accident but can also cover you for:

  • liability
  • protection from uninsured boaters in case of an accident
  • recovery should your boat sink in a body of water
  • medical expenses arising from an accident
  • natural acts causing damage
  • Coverage of boating accessories and gears if included in policy

Online Tools

If you want to obtain a very competitive boat instant insurance quote, there are a number of online tools to help. Use any of the following types of yacht and boat insurance quoting services:

  1. Online quoting templates that allow you to put your information in and receive a real-time quote.
  2. Fill out a form that is e-mailed to the insurance agency, and they respond to you by phone or e-mail with a quote.
  3. Submit your information to a service for multiple quotations.
  4. Give your information to a bidding service where other companies have the ability to bid on your business. recommends boat insurance quotes from the insurance experts at BoatU.S. They have are clearly one of the biggest and best known insurers in the US and have been insuring boats and yachts of all types since 1966. They guarantee to provide you with low rates and broad insurance coverage for recreational boats and PWC nationwide.

For UK boat insurance quotes online within minutes, Noble Marines is one of the boat insurance companies offering instant insurance quotes to UK boat owners.

However you choose to obtain your boat instant insurance quote or any other services for your boating pleasure, there is a host of online opportunities at your fingertips!

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