Boat Insurance
For the Motor

Boat insurance for the motor of your pleasure craft is necessary to protect this important piece of machinery as well as save you out-of-pocket expenses when repairs are needed.

Insurance Necessities

If you own a boat, you need insurance. If you don’t have boat insurance for the motor as well as the overall boat, not only can you not afford repairs and maintenance but you could also be liable for damages to the another boat or to property. Without insurance, your finances could be impacted by:

  • motor damage repairs
  • medical expenses in case of an accident
  • lost wages due to recovery
  • ultimate ununknown expenses

If your boat is still being paid for, your loan very likely states that insurance is mandatory at least until the boat is fully paid for. For your home and car, insurance is a given. Most people also consider life insurance to be crucial. Boat insurance should be considered equally as important as home, health, car, and life insurances.

When you need boat insurance for the motor of your boat, check with your regular carrier for a quotation. Your insurance carrier might offer a discount if you bundle your services together. To find out if you are paying too much for your insurance, you can obtain no-obligation quotes online.

Online Benefits

Online, you can utilize a tool that will give you multiple quotes from many sources. You can put your information in on one Web site and receive a dozen different quotes for all your insurance needs. You might also consider listing your details and having insurance companies bid on your business. Many insurance companies can even set up your insurance right over the Internet.

Online quote tools that will give you insurance quotes from multiple carriers for everything from boat, motor vehicle, home, house trailer; or RV as well as life insurance. From the comfort of your home or office, you can find out if other services are available for you that might be better than your existing insurance plan and be more cost effective with lower premiums, profit sharing,
or lower deductibles


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