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Get instant boat insurance UK quote online for your new or old watercraft from a top UK boat instance provider here. You can compare boat insurance quotes too!

Getting an affordable boat insurance cover need not be a chore, neither must it cost the whole world. Get instant quotes providing a very high level of coverage for your boat.

A minimum of a £2 000 000.00 Third Party Liability Boat Insurance cover in the UK is required by law for anyone who wants to sail on a boat in the UK water ways

Boat insurance UK premiums starts from as low as £60.00 per annum for a basic third party liability cover, providing the minimum coverage required by UK law depending on the type of boat and extent of cover you are seeking.

There are loads of types of cover to choose from, whether you are looking to get a cheap boat insurance to cover a power craft, yacht, dinghies, canal boats, rowing boats, jet skis or that sleek pleasure water craft of yours, the choice is truly yours.

New for old cover on spars and sails
Full racing risk cover

Most boat insurers in the UK will cover boats sailing within the UK inland non-tidal waters. Some will even cover whole of the UK waters, European waters and even the Mediterranean waters. If you need more extensive cover, or want to be sure of the extent of coverage, it is always good to ask your boat insurance agent when getting a quote. Common forms of boat insurance UK include:

Comprehensive Boat Insurance Cover

Comprehensive boat insurance UK cover provides amongst other things:

  • Insurance protection for accidental or malicious coverage to part or the whole of your boat,
  • Loss of boat in storm for example, or any cause of boat loss,
  • Theft,
  • Frost damage and General damage,
  • Fire, and or Explosions.

These usually apply whether your boat is in use or parked away somewhere. Comprehensive boat insurance policies in the UK also covers you against third person and passenger liabilities, in case you cause injury to someone else or damage to their property by the use of your boat.

Personal effects, medical expenses, legal representation are also provided in some boat insurance UK comprehensive cover

Third Party Liability Cover

A basic requirement of boat insurance UK is that boat operators be covered for at least a £2 million third person and passenger liability.

Most boat insurance providers in the UK will thus automatically cover your third party insurance to that amount. Always confirm from your provider, and do not take anything for granted.

Tips To Lower Boat Insurance UK Premiums

Take some simple steps to reduce the premium you pay on your UK boat insurance.

  1. Aim to meet all the prescribed UK boat safety requirements, including owning a boat safety certificate.

  2. Membership of certain sailing or boating associations may attract considerable discount for you. Ask the insurer.

    • AWCC

    • British Water Ski Federation (BWSF)

    • Cruising Association

    • Contessa Association

    • Moody Association

    • Sadler Association

    • Solent Cruising & Racing Association

    • Sigma association

    • Twister association

    If your water craft or boat has speed capacity of over 20 miles/hour (17 knots), and is used for racing or speeding ventures, you may attract more insurance premiums.

    The age of your boat, like is obtained with most types of insurance, will also determine what premium you will pay. A boat of 20 years and above tends to be excluded by some UK boat insurance companies.


    Major players in the boat insurance UK market, are the Lloyds and London market boat insurance underwriters, as well as Zurich and a host of others. Please see UK boat insurance companies listed on the link below to compare your UK boat insurance.

    Whatever type of watercraft you have - from exotic sports cruiser, or a prestigious Sun worshiper motorboat, to luxurious yachts, or even a dinghy or narrow canal boat, you can get a boat insurance to cover your UK inland waterways and beyond.


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