Boat Lights

Boat lights are a necessity. They provide visibility and are a great signaling tool. Get them here in different shades and shapes.

Count on our experience as we tell you which boat navigation light to fix as well as guide you in making the right choice for your leisure personal water craft or fishing boat!

Boat lights come in the following type, and your choice will largely be determined by the size of your purse.

You will need them for your mast head, starboard, port, sidelights, boat interior, and any where that needs lighting in your boat. You also will need boat trailer light for safe towing of your boat.

LED Boat Light

LED is an acronym for Light Emitting Diode. They are a specially crafted rugged lighting system with dependable bulbs. Some have been reported to give up to 110000 hours of light… no wonder they are worth their money. They are very good underwater, and have been used commonly for under water diving and all under water works.

They are impervious to fresh or salt water. LED boat lights consume much less current than their other counter part, and even than the fluorescent lights.

If you can afford it, LED lights are the very best to buy, and will turn out to be the cheapest in the long run as it will return thousands of hours of lighting, yet consuming less electricity!

You can also get LED boat trailer lights for your boat trailer.

Automotive Light Bulbs

This is the most common type of light bulbs we are used to, frequently seen in cars and other electrical devices. Automotive light bulbs come with one or two light filaments that are heated up by electric current as the current pass through the filament, and heat is produced. At very high temperature, the filament then glows, providing light.

Automotive bulbs for boats are housed in a plastic or synthetic casing, thus preventing then from easy contact with water. They are best used in areas that will not be submerged in water at anytime or for a long time.

Sealed automotive bulbs exist, and have carefully been covered with truly water resistant material and casing. They are the next preferred to LED boat lights.

Armed with the above information, as well as the weight of your pocket, go through our Amazon Associates Boat Lights Shop and select the marine light of your taste below.

If you can not find what you are looking for, visit BoatersWorld or use the search facility below.


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