Boat Loans
With Bad Credit

Acquiring boat loans with bad credit is possible! Certain lenders will work with you to rebuild your credit reputation.

There are financial associations that will grant boat loans with bad credit. Some banks and financial services organizations that will look beyond your errors and give you an opportunity to improve your credit rating. These lenders might require a substantial down payment or collateral, or could charge you a higher than normal interest rate. If your credit report is less than perfect but you have a good explanation and are showing an improvement, many loans officers will take that into consideration.

Credit Report

After you've had your loan for several months and you’ve made your payments on time, your credit report will start to improve.

Your credit rating and credit score reflect everything going on in your finances. Obtaining a loan and being diligent on making payments will improve your score over time. A boat loan is a great way to improve your credit and enjoy your purchase at the same time.

Boat Costs

If you are having credit problems, be sure you can really afford to take on another payment right now. If your credit history is poor due to past mistakes that you are now beyond, and you are sure that you can afford to take on a new payment for a luxury item such as a pleasure craft, be sure that you have accounted for the full monthly expense beyond the boat loan payment.

Not only will you need to make your monthly payment on time but you will likely need to budget for:

    • storage fees
    • boat insurance
    • maintenance for your boat
    • fluctuating fuel costs

Having boat loans with bad credit and financial trouble do not go well together. If you are in a position where your finances are in good shape but you need someone to give you an opportunity to correct your credit, making regular payments such as a loan payment can help you. Buying a new or used boat can provide you with
enjoyment as well as improve or repair your credit!


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