Boat Mirrors

Boat mirrors are not just tools for a cursory panoramic view to see what is going on around us. They are an essential safety device to install and maintain in our boats. You may need them as a signaling mirror during an emergency. Never sail out on a boat without mirrors!

We have a huge display of the latest and important boat craft mirror for your selection. We have also provided essential boat mirror information here.

Mirror Types

Even though these mirrors come in various shapes, shades and make, there are basically two types of mirror: plane and convex mirror.

Plane mirrors give the most accurate view of events and objects that comes within its catchment. It however leaves you with a very wide blind spot, and often offers very narrow catch or viewing angle.

Convex mirrors on the other hand give a wide field of view. By so doing, they help eliminate blind spots – not completely though.

The more the convex angle, the better field of view provided.

This gain in the field of view is traded off with a compromise on the image distortion that occurs with convex mirror. The image size becomes significantly reduced.

Modern boat mirrors have managed to provide both good viewing angle and descent image sizes. So you do not have to worry about picking plane mirror or convex mirror for your yacht, speed boat, ski or fishing boat. Just go by the boat manufacturer’s advice.

Ski Boat Mirror

You need a wide rear viewing angle when skiing. This can be reliably provided by a compound convex ski boat mirror. There are lots of them to choose from, many can be mounted on the windshield, to give the ski boat driver a wider view. Look for one that can be easily adjusted to any angle or view or position for maximum benefit.

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Boat Mirror Shop

Find the boat craft mirror of your choice here.

You can have these mirrors shipped to you whether you are in the UK or from Australia or Canada. Check the shipping information before check out.

If you can not find what you are looking for, then use the search facility below or go to BoatersWorld.Com.


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