Boat Name Lettering

Give your boat name lettering  great character and personality. Customize your boat name with unique colors, fonts and type-styles. From vinyl lettering, hard-line letters, decals, plastic lettering to personalized unique designs, follow our guide to getting your dream name on your watercraft.

Naming your boat is part of the fun of owning one.

The boat name lettering that you choose would be a reflection of your person and interest. It communicates a lot about you; about your passion and mind set. It should be simple, yet inspiring. It is an opportunity for personal expression.  Aim to get it right.

We bring you the best resources online to assist you in crafting the best boat name design and lettering.  We also bring you top boat name ideas and tools to get your marine lettering right.

Boat name graphics are available in many type styles, font styles, colors and forms.

Boat name lettering involves at least three steps. These include:

  • Determining the right boat name for your boat,
  • Designing your own lettering, and of course
  • Celebrating your new boat name and lettering.

Boat Name Ideas: What Should I Name My Boat?

Boat name lettering: Boat Frieda.

Boat naming has been as old as man itself. 

Naming of boats over the century has followed different trends and influences. Common considerations in boat naming include the need to align such names with popular movements, deities, rulers, great personalities and places.

"Ramses II Who Propitiates The Aton", for example, is the name of one of the oldest boats in recorded history - a naval boat in the ancient Egyptian fleet. This boat was named after the deity Aton.

Argo is another well known boat in Greek mythology.

So what should you name your boat? Today, while many boats are given a feminine name, the sky is your limit on how far you want to go in naming  your boat.

Keeping names simple is always practical. You can also name your boat after:

  • A popular movement or conviction you have. An example is -  Paradise Soon or Earth Boat
  • A place close to your heart. An example is - Hawaii Lady
  • A loved one, e.g, "Tejiri The Explorer" or Gordon
  • After your pet
  • A new discovery in your field of work or
  • After an inspirational figure in your life
  • You can choose a memorable event
  • You could spin in your name or family name, or a combination of your name and hobby, or purpose.
  • It could reflect your trade or business.

Whatever you do, remember:

You want the name and lettering on the transom of your watercraft to stand out.

The following are real boat names to start off your imagination and help inspire you to come up with a smashing name for your boat.

  • Frieda
  • My Maggie
  • Maverick
  • De Pu
  • The Explorer
  • Abramovic Dreams, Florida
  • Sassy Lassie
  • Spare Air
  • My Sea Lady
  • The Chess
  • Matzoc
  • Samba
  • Halten
  • Prescottiville (Prescott houseboat)
  • My Baby
  • Carnival Imagination
  • London Dream
  • Schiffs
  • John Baker I
  • Triumphus humanis - (Humans will triumph)

Designing Your Boat Name Lettering

Now that you have come up with a name for your boat, it's time to craft a great design for your boat name lettering.

Choosing the right lettering type-style and boat lettering form also adds to the meaning and innuendos that sublimes from a good boat naming.

Boat Lettering : Vinyl Or Decals

You can order boat lettering in many font styles and colors.

Plenty of options can be ordered online and delivered to you quickly.

  • Many people consider vinyl lettering to be the standard for boats. These are tough self adhesive lettering that have been pre spaced in words or short phrases and can be applied to the transom or hull of your boat, carrying exactly the name you have chosen for your watercraft.
  • When applied to the surface of your boat, they look like 2 to 3 coats of oil paint, giving a hand made look, different from what is obtained with boat decals.
  • Vinyl lettering is sent to you pre-cut according to your request.
  •  You can buy your letters in any font type that you can imagine, and many online dealers of these supplies show you a preview of what your lettering will look like in the name that you choose.  
  • Vinyl lettering can easily hold up to fresh or salt water and be easily seen.
  •  Vinyl lettering can be used for your boat name or for numbering for fleet requirements.

If you prefer, you might choose a sign for your boat in lieu of vinyl, or you could also select water insoluble pencils or paint.

To remove boat decals, all you need is a scraper (plastic, not metal) and a household hair dryer. Take your time and once you’re done, you can use glue or adhesive remover to clean up any stickiness.

Where To Get Top Boat Name Lettering Design

Lettering and Boat Name Excitement: Celebrating Your Boat's Name.

You've chosen your boat name lettering and are planning to christen your boat.

It's time for a celebration!

A boat needs a name and accessories and a fitting ceremony to christen it with a bottle of champagne. It’s a great tribute to have a toast to your boat and even say a prayer as was done for maiden voyages of many great ships.

How about having a party to name your boat? Throw out some ideas and come up with something fun and clever to have your boat represent something about who your are or how you use your boat.

Anyone who ventures into the world of sailing or yachting can find it addicting. Once you get the sea into your blood, you will crave being on the water with the sea breeze and the sound of the waves crashing against your boat. A naming ceremony is a big ordeal.

Your selection of boat name lettering can be purchased from any marine supply dealer or from a number of online specialty stores. Celebrate!

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