Boat Trailer Lights

Boat trailer lights need constant attention – they burn out fast with little or no warning, making the need for extra trailer light a high priority if you must trailer your boat without hiss or fuss.

We not only provide you access to the best selection of boat trailer lightings and wiring kits in the market, be sure to go away with some extra tips on how to make these unreliable pieces of trailer accessories work and last longer.

Trailer Lights – Top Tips To Trail

Trailer light system failure is one that will surely come your way while you trailer one day. By acquainting yourself with these tips, you will be more equipped to deal with any unexpected problems that arise with your trailering light system yourself and avoid an accident or even a ticket for a dead trailering boat light.

The problems that could arise with a marine trailer light include:

  • Dead light bulb

  • Nicked boat light wiring

  • Damaged bulb housing or casing.

For the first problem, if the light bulb will not work, it does not mean the bulbs must be bad. First check to see if your brake light is working. Remember that the signalling lights are connected to your vehicle brake lights…so if they are not working, your trailer lights may not work.

If that is ruled out, then why not remove the bulb and see if there is any corrosion between it and the connector. Clean this, and if you have Corrosion X, spay it onto the bulbs end (the nubbins), and reconnect and try it. Corrosion X is a good conductor of electricity too… so do not be scared.

If you do not have Corrosion X, clean the bulb’s nubbins with sand paper, metal file or fine steel wool and apply vaseline or grease to reduce corrosion.

If the above does not work, then you just have to change the bulb for a new one. So it is good idea to always have some spare trailer light bulb in your vehicle or boat.

Water, as we all know, is enemy to electricity. So too it is to metals and wire. This is even more so if it is salt water.

So the problem with boat trailer light wire lies in the speed with which water corrodes the wire. This causes the wiring system to break down or be nicked out rightly, causing unannounced failures.

Using a water proof light fixture, or creating a bar over the wire with an aluminium or PVC wiring may solve this problem.

Carrying a pre-wired trailer light that can be connected to the trailer in cases of emergency is another option, if you do not want to spend time out there in the field, fiddling with electrical parts.

The final problem with boat light housing case will off course require that you replace the casing as soon as possible, if it can not be glued to decent state.

Carrying with you a soldering gun and solder, extra length of wiring, extra automotive trailer light bulb, grease, Corrosive X, sand paper, chisel, hammer, and heavy duty touch light will mean you are for armed for any eventuality with your boat trailer light system anywhere you may be.

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