Boat Trailers
Choosing The Right Trailer & Trailer Parts For Your Boat

Are you in the market for boat trailers? You need something to tow your new boat, and there are many available options!

If you just built or bought a boat weighing 100 pounds or more, lifting the boat yourself onto your car top and moving it around might prove a bit too much for you and your car. Getting a trailer for your boat is the right thing to do. Some new boats come with trailers as part of the sales package, but very often, you need to purchase a trailer separately.

But. How do you know what trailer to select for your boat? What about trailer accessories like trailer fenders, trailer lights, mudgards, bearings, and other vital trailer spares? Let's be your guide and anchor as we help direct you to getting not only the information you need on trailers for your boat, but also bring you access to new and used boat trailers for your convenience.

Selecting The Right Trailer Type

Boat trailers come in various designs, sizes and shapes and getting the right trailer for your boat with the right gear and safety equipment is a must.

Finding one that most closely matches your boat’s construction is going to be the best way to ensure a safe ride. You should also be guided by the following, when picking up a trailer for your water craft:

  • Trailers designed for a specific-sized boat. This is very important to get the right size of trailer for your boat. Too large a trailer could damage your boat, and too small a trailer will damage the trailer.
  • A way of geting oround the above size issue is to look for the lable on the trailer that states the maximum weight allowed, and ensure this is roughly equal to the weight of your boat plus the weight of the empty trailer (that is, boat weight + unladen trailer weight = within reasonable range of maximum allowed trailer laden weight).
  • Another very important consideration is to ensure that the vehicle you would be using to tow the boat and trailer is legally okay to do this.
  • As a rule, the trailing load (laden weight of trailer - which is the trailer weight plus boat weight) plus the the laden weight of the vehicle (trailing load plus car weight) should not be more than the allowed maximum towing capacity of the vehicle.
  • Specific trailers designed for a certain type of small boat, such as a personal watercraft trailer, a kayak trailer, trailers that hold multiple canoes, trailers for a small fishing boat, raft trailers, etc.
  • Custom trailers made for specific brands and types of boats.
  • Multipurpose trailers for your boat and water sport accessories.

Proper trailer use is imperative for road safety. Once your towing weight exceeds half the weight of the vehicle towing it, you are required to have a trailer that has its own brake system. Attaching your trailer to your vehicle safely and properly is imperative and requires knowledge about how the trailer and hitch system works.

A low level trailer is best, as this gives better stability because of its low center of gravity.

Other factors you may which to consider when selecting your boat trailer should include:

  • Features with the trailer or sold as add-ons to help you with safety and convenience as well as theft prevention.

  • Devices that can lock your wheels or prevent the moving or removal of your trailer and boat.

  • For comfort in driving and hauling, you want to ensure that your trailer matches your boat style and that it’s properly hitched so you don’t have excess “fish-tailing” when driving.

  • Some trailers have additional features such as rollers, spindles, and sealed bearings as well as frame designs that are made specifically for saltwater to prevent corrosion and rusting.

If you have not already bought your trailer, note some of these point as you jet out to buy your boat trailer. Looking out for some of this guide could protect your insurance and keep the law on your side.

Where To Buy Boat Trailer

You can get a trailer to buy from a good boat dealer. But buying used trailers for your boat could be very smart and inexpensive. We bring you links to buy your boat trailer and trailer spares and accessories here from Amazon Outdoor store or Ebay.

If you cannot find the trailer part or spares you are looking for, trailer parts and accessories are available from major leading trailer and trailer accessory manufacturers like Trailex, Wesbar, Loadmaster, Ez-loader, Tie Down, Shipshape, ATAFA, Townmaster, Road Warrior, Triton, Powerwinch, STS and Stoltz. You will need them to build, service and repair your boat trailer.

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