Boat Transport and Hauling

Looking for professional boat transport and hauling? You can find many helpful resources online. Choose an experienced hauler for your precious cargo!

Services and Expenses

When choosing a service for boat transport and hauling, consider the following items:

  • Contact a referral service that will get you multiple quotes on your moving needs.
  • Go with a service that has a good track record and positive testimonials from clientele.

It can be quite expensive to move your boat, especially if you have to transport it by air or a long distance on land. Details that will determine the price for the hauling of your boat are:

  • the material your hull is made out of (such as aluminum, composite, wood, steel or fiberglass)
  • the length of your boat
  • the make and category,i.e., brand name and whether it’s a power or sail boat
  • the value of the vessel
  • the mast heights
  • Whether there’s a trailer to be moved as well
  • if you have an inboard, outboard, or combination engine
  • The distance your boat will have to travel

If you are not in need of boat transportation professionally but want to transport your own boat, you need a boat trailer.

  • To haul your boat with you, you will either need a basic trailer that can carry many types of boats or a custom trailer.

  • Whether you need brake lights and a license plate for your boat trailer will depend upon the size of the boat you are hauling as well as the type of vehicle you are using.

  • There are local transportation laws that will apply to your situation as well.

Whether shipping a boat domestically or internationally or being able to take your own boat from storage to a launch, you need to take this information into consideration for your overall boating budget. The affordability of buying a new or used boat will also depend on how much
it costs you to receive your boat via boat transport and hauling services. Be informed by weighing your options!


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