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If you are interested in boat transport ship services or trailers to transfer your boat, you can choose from a variety of services and manufacturers in this area.

Are you in the market for boat transport ship services or thinking of buying a boat trailer? Did you just buy your dream boat or yacht from an international boat show and want to haul your boat across the sea from one continent to the other?

Boat transport by shipping offers a cheaper and more convenient means of boat transportation, especially if you are transporting your boat from geographical regions far apart.

There are loads of boat shipping companies out there to waiting for your business. You can get a quote from multiple boat shipping companies and compare prices as well as save some valuable cash for other boating needs.

Boatsville boat transport ship services will provide quote from multiple shipping companies so that you select the best. But before getting a boat shipping quote, what are other considerations to take into account as you are about undertaking boat transport ship services?


Boat transport companies are in business to help you move your boat by air, water, and land or by a combination of these methods when you cannot do this yourself. There are numerous reasons why you might need a professional service.

  • The sale or purchaseof a boat by yourself either second hand or brand new.
  • Moving the boat for servicing or repair purposes.
  • For individuals who are relocating and need their boat professionally transported.

Moving a boat professionally requires skills and experience so take care in choosing a company that suits your needs.

Top Tip : Always discuss your boat shipping needs with a dealers before compling purchase. You may be surprised to find out that some may ship your boat for free or as part of the purchase price, especially at a boat show


If you are looking for a boat trailer, there are also many manufacturers and suppliers as well as classified advertisements online for individuals looking to buy a new or used trailer.

  • A boat trailer is essential for people who store their boat on shore or for anyone who does not own waterfront property.
  • Having a trailer also gives you the advantage of choosing to launch your boat by backing into shallow water, which can be convenient and less labor intensive.

Some manufacturers will sell a trailer with the boat, but others require a separate purchase. You can either buy something customized for your particular watercraft, or buy a generic trailer that fits your style and size of boat.

When searching for boat transport ship services, you should take several factors into consideration:

  • duty or customs services
  • brokerage fees
  • insurance
  • reputation of the company

Doing business with a reputable boat transport company or trailer manufacturer is definitely your best bet.


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