Boat Transport

Once you’ve bought your new boat, you'll need to arrange boat transport services. Here’s some advice on how to sift through the options and make your decisions.

Transport Services

Perhaps you’ve already purchased a boat and need it shipped to you. Or, maybe
you aren’t seeing anything you want locally but don’t know if buying overseas
or from another city or state is reasonable or not. There are services that can ship a boat to you via land, sea, or air.

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Shipping Considerations

When choosing your boat, you often need to arrange delivery because your boat is purchased from another city, state, or an altogether different country. There are several items you need to consider when selecting which carrier will bring your boat to its destination.

  1. Do they offer customs clearance as part of the package or is this a separate expense that you will have to incur?

  2. Will they take care of insurance as part of the transportation fees, or must you insure your boat separately?

  3. Do they perform the entire transportation process themselves or outsource any part of the delivery?

Sometimes, buying a boat internationally might mean that your boat comes with more of the features and capabilities that you want. Whether buying your boat new or used, you can look at purchasing it overseas or in another city. Even with the shipping fees, you might still get a better deal than buying an alternate boat locally. There are many online services for transportation that offer online automated quotes for transporting your boat so you can compare the prices and see what is included in the service from the comfort of your computer.

Long-distance Purchasing

Choosing a large boat, such as a yacht, is an extensive process and having the ability to look beyond your own city or country is a good option to have. Knowing how much it will cost you for boat transport prior to choosing the model and location of your purchase is a good idea. sail boat transportation for example, require you prepare your boat in a special way than if you were to be shipping a powerboat, and there are certain types of problems sail boats are more prone to delvelop than a dingy for example during transportation.

Factoring the cost of shipping into your budget might allow you to broaden your search to other areas that could charge a significantly lower price for your boat than you would pay by buying locally.

There are myriads of boat transporting companies to choose from. Make the best use of them by doing a little more research online about boat shipping and other factors to consider when transporting a boat.

Broaden your scope and look for boat deals online. Make a list of the features you would like to have, and see what kind of arrangements will suit your needs.

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