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Get instant boat us insurance quote for your personal water crafts and boats all across the USA. You could qualify for massive discounts, yet getting premium protection on your watercraft!

Boat us insurance is arguably the number one marine and boat insurance provider in North America, providing high quality coverage for yachts, powerboats, fishing boats, sports boats, dinghies, jet ski and more.

Also known as the The Boat Owners Association of The United States, it is an organization owned by boat owners, for boat owners. It has been described as the AAA for boats, and provides, in addition to discount boat insurance services, boat emergency breakdown cover, trailing, as well as provision of boat loans.

Whether in lakes, coastal waters or the open sea within and around all States of the USA be sure you can find cover for your risk if you meet their terms. Boatus also provide covering for seasonal cruising to Canada, the Bahamas, Bermuda and Mexico.

You can get instant boat insurance quote from Boat US insurance here now. Just choose your boat type, boat length, value of your craft in dollars and if you are a member of the BoatUS or BoatUS Angler, key in your membership number as well as zip code and last name.

Boat Us Policy Coverage

You can register to join Boat US or get a one off insurance quote and coverage. Boat US Insurance can:

  • Cover you against damage of your boat by hurricane, flood, fire, collision, theft, and sinking.

  • Most policies cover provides "new for old" replacements for boat equipments and accessories damaged.

  • The Boat US Yacht, Boat Saver, PWC and Angler policies provide coverage for the hull and machinery - that is, including engines, outboards, generators, and other equipment and accessories used in the normal navigation, safe operation and routine maintenance of the boat, as well as any of the inbuilt boat furnishings.

  • You also get an "unlimited" towing service that has no event or annual limits – and requires no direct payment by the boat owner in case of emergency or damage.

    You can also get, in addition top your all risk coverage with BoatUS, get add-on like:

    • Personal effects coverage

    • Sporting equipments coverage

    • Ice and Freezing coverage
  • For a quote and more details on what coverage you get with boat insurance from BoatUS, click here

Boat US insurance maintains an emergency line for Boat anglers and personal water craft owners alike 24 hours of the day and seven days a week to deal with boat emergencies as well as with claims.

If you live in Canada, and want a Boat US insurance coverage, that can be arranged as well. This is done by Boat US in conjunction with CNA Canada to offer hull coverage.

Puting In A Claim With Boat US


Boat US claims department will be glad to assist you 24 hours of the day, seven days a week and 365 days a year, with claims. Please feel free to telephone on 800 937-1937 for all you claims.

A boating expert will always be on hand to advice you also on how to see to the protection of occupants of the boat, prevent further damage to your watercraft, as well as provide more information on the claims procedure.

If you are looking for a truly boat insurance company that really cares for it's customers (members) and do more, then BoatUS is your best bet for all your boat insurance need.

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