Boating Accessories

Boating accessories are plentiful and fit all boats and budgets. There are many items that you can acquire to make your boating experience all the more fun!

Essential Accessories

Soon after getting out on the water, the need for boating accessories becomes apparent. Some basic things typically come with your boat, but there are things that you can get to make your experience
more enjoyable as well as safer. Many boats come accessorized, but chances are that you will soon want extras to customize your boat and enhance your experience.

You might want to consider acquiring the following accessories that will be necessary regardless of the type of boating you do. Whether you are into fishing, yachting, sailing, or other water sports, this is a basic list of must-have items:

  • First Aid Kit: This is necessary for any accidents or problems you might face on the water.

  • Dry storage box: This is essential to keep items dry. While on the water, just about everything inside the boat will get wet. You need a dry and waterproof place to store things.

  • Personal floatation devices: Life jackets or PFDs are critical. You need one for each person aboard your boat, and you should insist upon everyone wearing them, regardless of how strong a swimmer they claim to be.

  • Tools: Basic tools for minor problems should be aboard your boat including oars as well as a basic tool kit.

Additional Accessories

Once you have boated for a while, you will likely be interested in more advanced toys or equipment and accessories for your boat. Here are several popular choices:

    • fish finders
    • underwater cameras
    • global positioning systems
    • drift socks
    • advanced anchor systems

Depending upon the type of boat you have, you might be in the market for other things. Items are available for larger boats such as barbeques, cubby accessories, and, of course, houseboats can be outfitted to be as comfortable as home. Whether you are looking for boating accessories to help you with your fishing, want more amenities on board to help you enjoy your excursions, or are looking for storage accessories such as covers, trailers, or parts, there are plenty of options available in retail or specialty stores as well as online.

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