Continental Boat Trailers

An abundance of boat trailers are available, including reliable continental boat trailers. Choosing the right one for your boat is important!

Trailer Info

If you're deciding between boat trailers, including continental boat trailers, it helps to know the various types that are available as well as other beneficial information.

  • There are many boat trailers that can be customized to fit your boat as well as generic trailers that are manufactured for various or specific boats.

  • Types include aluminum drive-on, skiff, galvanized drive on, extra wide, tilt, and specialties for certain boats like sail, Jon, bass, pontoon, and other types of boats.

  • Many used boats will come with a trailer, whereas a new boat purchase might or might not include a trailer.

  • Boat trailers are essential if you need to move your boat onto land.

  • Trailers also have the benefit of allowing you to easily launch your boat by backing into the water to release it.

  • A trailer often has special features, including toolboxes or holders for other items you want to carry on your watercraft.

  • Some trailers have their own brakes and others do not. The need for a trailer equipped with brakes will depend on your size of boat as well as the vehicle that’s towing the boat.

Economy boat trailers can include various features as well. Features such as a spare tire and wheel, bearing protectors, and galvanized bolts are present. Buying a generic trailer can be as effective as a brand name option. Various boat trailers are made out of either aluminum or galvanized steel.

Choose the trailer that fits your boat well and is easy to load and unload. Adjustable winch, waterproof lights, and the appropriate material, based on whether the boat will be used in fresh water or salt water, is important.

If you don’t have the need for a boat trailer on a regular basis, you might also consider renting a continental boat trailer to help you move your boat on occasion. Many people who own waterfront property have little reason to move their boat onto land, and they find that boat trailer rentals can be an effective solution.


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