Custom Boat Covers

Custom boat covers help protect your boating investment. Choose from a multitude of fabrics and colors!

Your boat can be quite expensive. Custom boat covers will help to preserve that financial investment. Sheltering your boat from the elements and potential outdoor debris will extend the life of your watercraft. Boat covers are necessary accessories whether you store your boat at a marina, storage facility, or on your property.

By covering your boat when it’s not in use, you protect the finish and the upholstery, which can help your boat stay in optimal condition and hold the resale value.

Cover Uses

Custom covers are available for numerous uses:

    • boat
    • boat’s dash
    • boat’s spare tire
    • seats
    • center console
    • outboard motor
    • jet ski
    • trailer


When you store your boat on your premises, you might also want to consider a portable garage. Portable garages are sold from many boat cover dealers, since many people know that their garage isn’t likely to hold their cars, a boat, other outdoor toys, and the accumulation of "stuff" that fills most garages.

Many of the portable garages or cover-all canopies can be erected by yourself - to hold your boat and trailer, ATV, jet ski, and other outdoor equipment.

Boat Covers

  • Bimini tops are a great addition to any boat. They can be custom ordered in many colors and fabrics and installed easily by yourself.

  • A sunbrella is an attractive option that also protects you from the elements and is available in many selections of styles and materials.

There are many boat covers available in different fabrics, colors, and styles. You can buy a generic cover that fits most boats or custom boat covers for your specific make and model. There are also boat covers available that are semi-custom, which fit most boats of a similar style or color with straps, bungee cords or elasticized hems. You can also buy extra or replacement straps for your covers.


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