Duck Boat Jet Engines

Duck boat jet engines are special-designed motors that are frequently used for the sport hunting of ducks.

How does a jet boat work? A propeller pumps water to gain movement on a jet boat, which is ideal for duck hunting because this type of engine can work in very shallow waters. Since duck hunting regularly occurs in marshy or swampy areas, this motor is a very popular choice of boating equipment.

Duck Hunting Boats

Duck hunters do most of their hunting on the water for obvious reasons, and there are several types of common duck hunting boats.

  • Duck Blind Boat: A boat is partially hidden and designed to blend in with surroundings. Most are covered with camouflage and decoys to fool ducks into landing nearby within the hunter’s shooting range.

  • Marsh Boat: Designed to travel through marshy areas, most often simply operated by paddles or oars and generally designed to hold no more than two people.

  • Duck Skiff: Generally a camouflaged powerboat. These are larger, to accommodate more gear and travel further distances. Jon Boats are popular for duck skiffs.

  • Scull Boat: Mostly closed and oar driven by the driver while he or she is laying down and the boat travels slowly.

  • Sneakbox Boat: A name that speaks for itself. The boat is largely camouflaged, and the duck hunters are boxed in and covered with duck decoys.

Jet Engines

A jet engine is a design that comes from New Zealand and was created out of necessity for shallow waters. Jet engines are used for jet skis and are easily maneuverable. Duck boat jet engines design is a jet boat used for duck hunting.

There are several duck boat manufacturers and Web sites that are dedicated to talking about duck boats and hunting. There are also plenty of online sources to help you transform your existing boat into a duck boat. You can do many things yourself to transform a simple fishing boat or Jon boat into a combination duck blind.

If you're interested in duck boat jet engines or other subjects related to boating, water sports, fishing, or hunting, you'll find a multitude of places online to buy, sell, and discuss topics related to these outdoor activities.


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