Duck Boat Motors

Duck boat motors, decoys, supplies, and accessories are all readily available online. Find what you need right here!

To many, trolling along quietly and being well camouflaged can make or break the success you have on any given day. Many boats are designed specifically for duck hunting, but if you build your own or modify an existing boat, there are a few things you can do to enhance your chances of success.

This is a pastime that many enjoy, and some consider the preparation of the boat and blind a big chunk of the fun.

Duck Hunting

Duck hunting generally happens on the water, and if you have a simple fishing boat, you can convert it to a duck hunting boat with a few modifications. You can easily build a duck blind on top of your boat and camouflage your boat well so you blend in with the marsh or swampy areas. A jet boat is a great duck boat, since it’s fairly quiet and can move along swiftly in shallow or marshy waters. Fill your area with duck decoys and be sure to scope the area ahead of time.

If you generally hunt the same area, you can keep a log of the type and nesting area habits of the local ducks for next year’s hunt. Many duck hunters choose to canoe, oar, or paddle to minimize noise, and some use trolling motors for duck boat motors to move about a bit quicker while drawing as little attention to themselves as possible.

Boat and Accessory Options

  • Many people dress in camouflage gear and use duck calls to gain the attention of their prey.
  • Duck decoys are frequently used, and many hunters have their dogs trained for duck hunting.
  • Duck blinds are very popular for duck hunters.

There are several duck boats available to duck hunters. The type of boat most effective is going to be something that different hunters will have their own opinion on. Most commonly used are: layout boats, sneak boats, marsh boats, a duck skiff, and boat blind combinations.

A variety of duck boat motors are available online in classifieds,
from virtual marine or hunting dealers, or from manufacturers themselves.


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