Electric Boat Motors

Are electric boat motors the way to go? What makes electric options preferable over gas-powered?

Electric boat motors are popular for many types of boaters. There are numerous reasons that electric is preferred.

Why Choose Electric?

There are several reasons for choosing electric over gas-powered boat motors:

  • Less noise. An electric motor is a great trolling motor because it’s much quieter than its gas-powered counterpart.

  • More environmentally friendly. A battery-charged electric motor is not going to send any fumes or leaks into the environment. It helps you keep the lakes and the air cleaner.

  • Cost effective. An electric motor not only costs less than a gas-powered option but it’s also much less to maintain and operate. To own an electric motor, you merely have to have your motor charged and ready to go.

The only downside to electric or battery powered boats is that they don’t travel as fast as fast as a gas motor will. So, if speed is important to you, you might not want to opt for electric. Many small boats operate just fine on an electric motor. From a maintenance perspective, electric motors aren’t extremely complex. Not only are they inexpensive but they're fairly easy to maintain and operate.

A beginning boater as well as an experienced one will see the value of an electric outboard motor. Outboard motors are interchangeable between boats so that you can use them for multiple watercraft. When looking for a decent motor, there are a few things that will help you.

  • Talk to other experienced boaters about their experience with particular brands and models.

  • Buy your products from a reputable source that lends good customer support.

  • Consider buying electric boat motors from larger companies that have been in business for a lengthy time so you can feel assured about the ability to obtain customer service if necessary.

Enjoy your boating experience by planning ahead with some online research and Internet shopping.


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