Florida Boat Insurance

Florida boat insurance is very important for boat owners who live or vacation in this wonderful state. Insuring your boat for protection against accidents as well as theft is always in your best interest.

Boaters everywhere know the importance of insurance. The waters are filled with many boaters, and it’s important to protect yourself and your investment in case of theft, fire, damage, or other problems.

Online Quotes

There are many insurance companies that can give you an online quote. When working to obtain a quote, you will likely be asked the following information:

  • number of years of boating experience
  • what water vessel you want insured (details of the make, year, model, size, and value)
  • material type of both the mast and the hull
  • engine information
  • primary storage location
  • whether you charter your boat
  • if you have staff operating your boat, and, if so, how many
  • when your boat was last surveyed and the market value assessment
  • information on your current provider and coverage if applicable
  • requested coverage amount

If you're considering Florida boat insurance, there are other considerations:

  • Liability coverage is important if there is damage to another boat.

  • Uninsured boater insurance is a good idea in case problems occur with someone who does not have insurance. This is an important consideration, especially if your boat is valuable.

  • Medical insurance is a safety precaution for injuries resulting from a possible boating accident.

  • Content insurance is good for items on your boat. This is very necessary for houseboats, yachts, or any boat where you leave personal belongings.

  • Theft insurance is necessary in case of loss of your boat.

Insurance protects you in case of any problem and helps guard your investment should any unforeseen problems occur.

Hopefully you'll never have to worry about your insurance situation and can enjoy your boat without worry! For insurance quotes for Florida boat insurance or insurance for any other area, there are many online quotes. Your regular car, life, and house insurance carrier might also offer boat insurance and provide a discount for bundling your services with them.


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