Holiday Water Sports

Holiday water sports are an exciting way of bringing unspeakable excitement into your holiday. Whether you are planing a summer holiday off the coral reef, or going scuba diving in Sharm el Sheik Egypt, or even taking your adventure a step further and planning a diving with great white sharks in Australia, there is more than enough adrenaline pumping activities to spice your holiday.

From deep blue oceans, rivers, lakes, to the red sea, you will not be short on supply of body of water to dive or float your holiday craft.

There are many sunny spots around the globe to locate for a life time water sports during that exotic holiday.

Are you in the process of booking a holiday with a view to water sports?

Holiday water sports can be fun, but safety is key. Many people are on the water during the holidays, so use caution and common sense.

Popular holiday water sports include:

  • Canoeing
  • Dingy Sailing
  • Water Jet Skiing
  • Liveaboard Diving
  • Wake-boarding
  • Windsurfing
  • Parasailing
  • Scuba Diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Kayaking
  • Padi Diving
  • Open Water Diving
  • Cozumel Diving
  • Reef Diving
  • Cage Diving With Sharks

Make up your mind on which of the water sports you will be engaging in during your next holiday. You can try a couple of these if you are holidaying for an extended period.

Top Destinations For Water Sports

Wondering which is the best holiday water sports destination? It depends exactly on what water sport you want to do, and which part of the world you live in and want to visit. Top holiday destinations for water sports vacations include:

  1. Mokuleia Beach Hawaii
  2. Looe Key Beach Florida
  3. Great Barrier Reef Australia
  4. Long Beach California
  5. Carlisle Bay Marine Park Barbados
  6. Airlie Beach Australia
  7. Laguna Beach California
  8. Montego Bay Beach Jamaica
  9. Balmoral Beach Sydney Australia
  10. Salt Creek Beach California
  11. Windmill Beach Cape Town South Africa
  12. Sinai Diving, Sonesta Beach Resort, Egypt
  13. Santa Catalina Island Beach California
  14. Salt Rock Beach South Africa
  15. Cornwall Beach England, United Kingdom
  16. Panama City Beach Florida
  17. Ponta Negra Beaches, Brazil
  18. New Quay Ceredigion Beach Wales United Kingdom
  19. John Pennekamp Coral Reef Beach Florida
  20. Ponta Negra Beaches, Brazil
  21. Red Sea Diving, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Water Sports Equipment For Your Holiday

  • Barefoot Ropes and Handles

  • Tow Rope Accessories

  • Tube Ropes

  • Wake Surfing Ropes

  • Wakeboard Ropes and Handles

  • Water Ski Ropes and Handles

Holiday Water Safety

Water sports are common pastimes and can even be the main reason for your holiday. You want to both enjoy your holiday and also remain safe. Following safety guidelines and using common sense is the best approach. Holiday water sports and alcohol do not mix, and extreme water sports should be approached with common sense. Avoid reckless behavior, follow boating guidelines, and you'll have the vacation you planned!

Many resorts and holiday cruises include water sports equipment for their guests. Using properly fitting personal flotation devices or life jackets is important as well as using sporting equipment that is in good working order.

If your vacation is centered on water sports, such as extreme sports or even sailing, you want to have a good time, be safe, and make the most of your getaway. Resorts should have equipment for you to use, including properly fitting helmets, life jackets, and qualified lifeguards and instructors on hand.

Many resorts offer courses on various water sports to help you learn a new skill such as surfing or deep sea diving. You can also learn all about preparing to learn a new sport online through various brochures and community forums.

If your vacation package is centered around water sports, check for testimonials and reviews from other people that vacation the same spots. Reading reviews on vacation locations and sporting equipment brands can help you prepare for your holiday, and choose a place that has had good feedback from travelers.

Always read user manuals before operating any water sport equipment to ensure safety. Using common sense and playing it safe while using holiday water sports equipment will help ensure a fun-filled vacation.


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