House Boats in Florida

Vacationing on house boats in Florida is very popular. A house boat holiday is terrific for friends and family to get together. Enjoy nature at its best. Yes. the ultimate recipe for relaxation.

There are quite a few companies that rent houseboats in Florida. This has become a great way for people to vacation.

Are you planning a party in a house boat or just for a family holiday out there in the sea. See a selection of the popular and top companies in Florida that rents out houseboats below.

Families or retired couples or groups of friends can "camp" on the water, and enjoy all the benefits of home. You do not have to splash our the whole earth to rent a house boat in Florida.

For $1000 a week, you can cover the cost of renting house boats in Florida.You may even decide to buy buy a houseboat privately at bargain price and own one outrightly.

If you are looking to buy a houseboat in Florida, why not visit boat dealers in Florida and pick your houseboat to taste.

House Boat Holiday

A vacation on a house boat can offer you a holiday that’s close to camping but more filled with amenities. A house boat offers you all the fun and water sports you want while traveling. You can sail along, enjoying your holiday, meeting people, seeing sights, and enjoying the water - all while having all your belongings and the comforts of home within easy reach.

Houseboats are normally equipped with:

  • Bedrooms as well as pull-out sofas so that an average house boat can sleep from six to ten people comfortably.

  • Complete kitchen, microwave, and barbeque on deck.

  • Full bath and possibly a hot tub.

  • Entertainment centers for watching television or listening to music, even for kids to play video games.

  • Decks for sunbathing, fishing, and playing games.

Florida Vacations

Florida, with all its beaches and waterfront, is a great place to vacation. It has the Everglades, amusement parks, and some of the best shopping in the world. Florida is a great location for families, for seniors, and for young people. It truly is a vacation destination that’s suitable for anyone.

Choosing to tour Florida on a house boat gives you access to the water and to land. You can stay out on the water enjoying swimming, fishing, or other water sports, along with peace and quiet, or you can venture onto land for some sight seeing. It’s the best of both worlds. Vacationing on house boats in Florida is like an RV-traveling vacation for sailors. House boat rentals are abundant in various sizes and prices.

Come enjoy the Sunshine State. The water's warm!

The following are selected Renters and Dealers of House Boats in Florida


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