House Boats in Missouri

House boats in Missouri are popular means of entertainment. With the many waterways, boating is a way of life!

Houseboats in Missouri and Mississippi go hand in hand. Many house boats venture along the Mississippi River, the Missouri River, the Lake of the Ozarks, and other local waterways as pleasure craft for friends and family.

House boating is a sport in these parts, and many locals and vacationers alike cruise along in their house on the water (either rented or owned). Many people that rent a house boat once, do it annually or even consider purchasing one for their families in lieu of a cottage. A cottage stays put, but a houseboat gives you the best of boating and luxury camping all rolled together in a neat little package.

House Boat Vacations

A houseboat vacation offers you all kinds of water sports, swimming, fishing, and camping. Instead of camping in a tent on the ground, you can camp on the water, floating in your houseboat and enjoying all that the water has to offer.

Many families enjoy house boat holidays because they can adventure through areas like the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers where they can enjoy water activities and little towns and other stops along the way. This historic water system is a sight to behold for water lovers.

Vacationing by house boats in Missouri affords you all the comforts of home while enjoying the life of a sailor. Families enjoy the water-camping experience, while being able to travel along the way meeting interesting people, seeing historic sights, and having a wonderful and adventurous time.

A houseboat can be equipped for a small or large family and generally is equipped much like a recreational vehicle (RV) with cooking, bathing, and sleeping quarters as well as one or more decks and a barbeque and even waterslide at times. Some luxurious models even come with a hot tub on the deck.

A houseboat is a sailor’s campsite. Fishermen and their families love to vacation on a house boat because there’s generally something for everyone. You can view the sunrise and sunsets together, admire the starry nights, and enjoy the fresh air. Traveling on house boats in Missouri is a treat you’ll always remember.


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