House Boats
On Lake of the Ozarks

How about vacationing in house boats on Lake of the Ozarks? This lake offers much for the water traveler!

Renting house boats on Lake of the Ozarks is a popular vacation idea. Many people find this to be the perfect vacation that offers a combination of water activities with camping, water style.

A house boat isn’t exactly like camping, since house boats can be as luxurious as a resort hotel suite. This is really the way to travel.

You can rent houseboats to travel throughout your vacation, and make the most of the outdoors while having the comfortable amenities of home.

There are many resorts and vacation rental companies that will provide you with a house boat and an itinerary for a vacation. The house boat will be stocked with everything you need for a great vacation. Many of them come equipped with dishes, bedding, and toiletries, just as a vacation home rental would.

House Boat Comforts

Whether you are looking for a small house boat or a luxury model with all the bells and whistles, you can have what you want.

  • A house boat might offer several bedrooms and surround-sound systems with the latest in technological electronics.

  • They can have bedrooms and galleys with microwaves as well as decks with barbecues and even hot tubs.

  • Many house boats on Lake of the Ozarks are equipped with a water slide so your family can enjoy fun on the lake.

  • You can stop on beaches, at waterside restaurants, or go fishing until your heart is content.

House boats are great for family vacations because everyone can enjoy the water and have all the luxuries of home at the same time.

While enjoying traveling along the lakes and rivers, you can fish, play cards, watch a DVD, make a gourmet meal, sunbathe, or take a nap.

A houseboat is great for parents who want a quiet starlit night alone on the upper deck while their children are tucked in, in the cabin.

Lake of the Ozarks is in the heart of Missouri and is a water lover’s paradise. It’s popular for house boaters and outdoor enthusiasts alike with wildlife, fishing, and wonderful local hospitality.

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