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Jon boat manufacturers offer a simple design that's perfect for many of your boating needs.

Jon boat manufacturers know that many people love their boats. A Jon boat is a great choice for fisherman, hunters, and other outdoor enthusiasts for many reasons. This type of boat is typically aluminum but can be wooden as well, and is best described as a small fishing boat that has bench seats. This boat can be rowed, or you can add an outboard motor.

Jon Boat Info

Because a Jon boat is so simple, it’s usually fairly inexpensive and easy to transport. A Jon boat doesn’t always need a trailer, since it can often be tied to a roof rack or put in the bed of a pickup truck. Most Jon boats are small and hold one to three people and can easily be fitted with an outboard motor.

One of the benefits of this type of boat is that because it’s small and basic, it’s a great first boat for someone. You can row it or attach an electric or gas-powered motor, and it stores easily. Equally impressive is that Jon boats require little in the way of maintenance.

A Jon boat is generally a fisherman’s boat. Because it’s small and uncomplicated, and can only hold a few passengers, it’s not ideal for hauling a lot of goods or several people. Families who want to boat together, generally go for a larger powerboat or pontoon boat.

Jon boat manufacturers have made this a simple and affordable vessel and a great choice for someone who is just learning about boating. Jon boats take up very little space and are very durable.

While most Jon boats are made of aluminum, wooden models can be built as a great hobby project. Kits are available to build your own boat through online sources. Once your Jon boat is built, you can outfit it with oars or an outboard motor. This is a small boat to enjoy!


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