Kayak Bilge Pump

Kayak bilge pump is a must have safety item for all kayakers. They come in different makes and designs. Get the best selection here for your kayaking at great prices too.


We provide valuable information and tips on how to choose the right kayak pump for your kayak and how to get the best use.

Kayak Water Pump – A Necessity!

All kayaking safety experts agree that having one or two kayak bilge pump is a must – whether you are just on an open cross water trip in a calm inland river or in a bustling sea adventuring. You could get swamp by water without warning at any time from treacherous waves or unlikely leakages from any of the kayak’s compartments.

After a capsize and wet exit, you may have no other means to get water out of the cockpit of your pleasure craft if you do not own a pump. Life could be involved if you can not expel water from your kayak on time. Yes. Owning a kayak bilge pump is a necessary and valuable kayaking equipment to invest in.

Choosing the Right Kayak Pump – Factors to Consider

There are basically two types of kayak bilge pumps:

  • Electric and
  • Manual
Either of these could be handheld or deck mounted.When considering the type of kayak water pump to buy, it is better to have one of each type – a manual deck mounted or foot pump that is mounted and attached to the kayak’s bulkhead. This gives the advantage of operating the lever powered pump hands free with the spray skirt in place and yet still paddling out of trouble or catching up with a kayak racing. Mounted pumps are also not possible to be lost during a tumultuous sea encounter. The disadvantage of deck mounted manual pump lies in the fact that they do not pump water as much and as quickly as their hand held manual or electric counterpart.

An electric kayak bilge pump like their manual counterpart, comes in two forms – deck mounted and handheld.

The deck mounted electrical kayak water pumps are often automated pumps, set to recognise and start pumping water from the kayak once a certain threshold of bilge water level is reached. They are often more weighty, and expensive, as they are battery run, and needs more close maintenance. They give the advantage of freeing you to do the thing you love doing while water is pumped out of your boat at very great rate too.

Hand held electrical kayak bilge pump is good to have as an emergency pump. They come as compact light weight narrow equipment with floats that could pump up to 10 gallons of water per minute from your kayak. Their advantage lies in being very efficient and light weight, but like all electrical devices, they are prone to fail when you need them most – reason to have more than one kayak bilge pump at any given time, especially if you do a lot of sea kayaking.

Best Kayak Bilge Pumps

The best and most popular manual bilge pump in the market currently is the Henderson Chimp bilge pump for kayaks. It is deck mounted, hand or foot operated via a lever, usually connected at the rear of the kayak, but with extra length of hose, you could use it to pump water off the cockpit in front of you too.

For a fixed or deck mounted electrical kayak pump, the Rule 1100 bilge pump is very popular. It could pump an enormous out of water off your kayak in no time, up to 350 gallons per hour, and is easy to fix. It is a highly recommended option to have. You can see the selection of these pumps we display below.

You can get a selection of kayak bilge pumps from the Amazon Kayak Bilge Pumps Store below or from BoatersWorld Kayaks/Canoes shop.


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