Pelican Boat Covers
Pelican V-Hull Boat Cover & More

Pelican boat covers come in very high quality vinyl and acrylic material. They are fantastic for mooring and trailering boat coverage. They provide excellent protection of your boat from the elements, keeping your boat clean and dry, are durable and do not cost the earth to buy.

In the market for Pelican boat covers? Pelican makes great boats, covers, water toys, and accessories. Find the best boat covers from Pelican pedal boats or indeed any brand of Pelican boat here!
Pelican boat covers can be used for your:

    • canoe
    • fishing boat
    • kayak
    • pedal boat

Boat covers by Pelican are popularly used on boats like the Cascade DLX Pedal Boat, 5 Seat Paddle Boat, Breeze boats, The Monaco Pedal Boat and other series like Riviera, Flash and Mist Series.

Another popular Pelican boat cover brand is the Pelican V-Hull Boat Cover and Pelican® modified V-hull boat cover. It is reputably easy to install, and suitable for boats like the Pelican® Scorpio, Predator 103, and Predator DLX,

Covers are necessary to protect your boat from the elements, especially if your watercraft is left outside for extended periods of time. Not only will the elements damage your boat but will also fade the paint and seats and shorten the lifespan. Although a custom cover is best, a generic cover of good material will provide protection.

Apart from Pelican boat covers, you can get other Pelican products online here.

Other Pelican Products

Many authorized Pelican dealers sell their wares online. You can also find pelican products online here on in association with, the number one online retailer.

Some online Pelican items we Stock include:

  • Canoes: Available in a wide assortment of colors and styles, Pelican makes both sporting and touring canoes of durable, quality materials.

  • Kayaks: Kayaking is an addictive sport! Pelican makes offers choices of ones that you can sit in or sit on top of, in various colors. Pelican kayaks are one of the most popular brands of kayak around, partly due to their thermoforming features.

  • Pelican’s Signature Pedal Boats: These offer fun for the whole family. They can be small, two-seaters or even seat up to five adults. You can buy replacement canopies online, and most new models even come with drink holders.

  • Other Boats: Pelican also makes fishing boats, modified v-hull boats, Jon boats, and pontoon boats.

  • Accessories: You'll find products such as drain covers, padded chairs, knee pads, replacement paddles, upgraded seats, canoe or kayak kits for vehicle roof mounting, replacement canopies and cushions, mooring covers, and more.

Pelican products have been around for many years, and this is a brand recognized for its quality, durability, and customer satisfaction.

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When buying pelican covers, choose a reputable dealer or reseller that has a solid customer-service background and knowledge about Pelican and their specific product lines. Always be sure to understand the dealer’s return or exchange policy, and wherever possible, deal with manufacturer authorized dealers. No one does these better than, hence we have teamed up with to bring you the very best of Pelican boat cover and other Pelican products.

Pelican products should not be painted and should be stored in dry-dock whenever possible.

Pelican boat covers and indeed Pelican products are highly recommended. Introduce yourself to the products you'll choose for the lifetime of your watercraft!


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