Pontoon Boats

Pontoon boats are large spacious flat platform decks on a hollow row of two or three aluminum base or inflatable cylinders. See their features, advantages and disadvantages as well as users' reviews and where to buy one.

Pontoons are spacious trendy flat bottom light weight boats floating on a row of two or three aluminum or inflatable cylinders.

They are by far the most efficient boat able to take more passenger per square footage of space.

They offer an unsurpassed value for your money in terms of great space at less cost, as well as being one of the safest boats to ride in.

Pontoon boats - They are can be used for fishing, ferrying, tubing, boat party and more.Pontoon boat.

They are easy to drive. Pontoons are about 18 to 30 feet long, and with capacity to carry 8 to 20 passengers.

They are an extremely versatile boat with variety of uses and can be customized to provide great comfort and speed of 30 to over 200 horse power engine. 

They are easy to operate in calm and inland waters like lakes and rivers and some are even built for sea use, but they are generally not suitable for ocean use. While a new pontoon will cost about $9000 to $50000, used pontoon boat for sale will attract about $2000 to $20000.

Because pontoon boats are not too expensive to buy, easy to operate, generally have low maintenance needs and cost, and can take more people per available space than any other boat types, can be used for so many activities including boat parties, they are popular among first time boat enthusiasts and buyers.

Uses of A Pontoon Boat

Pontoon house boat.Pontoon house boat.

This class of watercraft can be used for such a wide range of activities, that it is a great boat to have.

If you are in the market to get a boat and are wondering if this is the boat for you, following are a few examples of things you could do with a pontoon boat.

  • Fishing. You are able to use this boat for fishing in lakes, rivers and the local sea side. It is a stable boat to be in while fishing, without worries if the boat will tip to the side while you are doing what you love doing. You can row your pontoon boat relatively quicker than other boats to hot fishing spots in a short time because it is a light weight boat.  Most pontoon fishing boats come with a large rear cargo deck where you can store your fish in. There is also space for roasting your barbecue with friends on board while you fish. In terms of safety, it is one of the most safe watercraft for all purposes.
  • Water Skiing. Pontoon boats are fun to have and a wise investment. You can use a pontoon boat to pull skiers on all types of water skis and boards. Installing a third mid line cylinder or pontoon in the boat will give it extra buoyancy and dynamic lift for all you water sports skiing needs. You can also boost the engine power buy spending on more powerful pontoon engine to provide the speed you require.
  • Cruising And Boat Party. If you are just out looking for a boat to take you cruising in your local lake or far away water with friends and family, enjoying the beautiful scenery nature offers around there, you couldn't go wrong with choosing a pontoon boat. Are you thinking of organizing a boat party? Owning or renting a pontoon may provide you the space at less than half the cost to rent a boat of the same space capacity. They are able to take up to 20 people.  With a convertible roof called the Bimini pontoon cover, pontoon boats come with dinettes, sinks, refrigerators, couches, chairs tables and on board toilet. It is like a mini house in a boat. It is certainly not for nothing they are called party barge!
  • Ferry Boats. Pontoons are used as passenger boats to ferry people across rivers and from one water stop to the other in many places in the world. Is that what you are hoping to use your boat for?

A pontoon boat could be the right boat for you if you are looking for a personal water craft that will accommodate you, your family and friends whether you are out for a leisurely tour, swimming, fishing, water skiing, partying or even for an undisturbed vacation in a lake, river, or your favorite sea’s beach.

Why A Pontoon? The Advantages

If you are still struggling to make up your mind if going with a pontoon boat may be right for you, here are other advantages of pontoons you may which to consider:

  • Very good on safety one of the safest boats actually

  • Most Economical Boat To Buy

  • Cheap to Insure - Pontoon boat insurance premiums are among the lowest in the market

  • Durable

  • Can accommodate 8 or more people

  • Can be used for a wide range of activities – Versatility

Disadvantages. Well, Sort Of.

It is important to note from the out set the draw backs to consider before you finally decide to go for a pontoon boat.

They include:

  • Compromise on Speed. Most pontoons have a cruising speed of about 20 miles per hour if attached to the appropriate motor. With a third center line pontoon, which increases stability and flotation, you can achieve speed of up to 84 miles per hour with the right engine. The Catamaran Hull design pontoon boat runs faster and more versatile. If you are looking for a power craft that does 200 miles per hour, then not a pontoon boat.

  • Non-Ocean Going. Pontoon boats are mainly for lakes and rivers, though they can also be used on the beach at sea. Pontoon wiring runs under the boat exposed, and could easily be damaged by salty sea water. You must treat a pontoon boat before taking it out on salty water.

Where To Buy Pontoon Boat?

You can buy a pontoon boat here online from a pontoon manufacturer or from a dealer. You can also get great deals on pontoon fishing boat or any other type of pontoon boat on eBay.

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