Rule bilge pumps are by far the most used and recommended bilge pumps in the bilge pump market. Rule pumps simply and truly set the rule on quality and reliability. Get one here and you will be happy you did.

Bilge pumps come in different strengths and model. We not only provide you with a range of Rule pumps to select from, get useful tips on which of these essential boating accessories to pick today too. Choose the right one and make your boat water pumping experience a delight.

All bilge pumps of the Rule variety are submersible pumps that offer a float-switch system that triggers on its own and starts pumping water off your bilge when the water level in your bilge rises above a threshold level.


There are basically three types of Rule pumps for bilges:

  • Non-Automatic. These are submersible pumps that only start working if it senses water at a predetermined level in the bilge. It comes in various sizes which is the approximate reflection of the volume of Gallons of water it could pump Per Hour (GPH). 360 GPH to 1500GPH pumps are suitable for small boats. I will however always recommend that all boats should have 2000GPH and above pumps to be full prepared for the unexpected. All experienced boaters know that having more than one boat bilge pump at any given time in the boat is the rule

  • Automatic Pumps. The Automatic pumps are also submersible, but it automatically turns it self on every 2 – 3 minutes to sense for water levels, and if none, it switches it self off, to start off again in another 2-3minutes. No float switch is utilized here.

  • Fully Automatic or Rule Mate This uses a float switch system and pumps when the internal float system rises. It is a powerful device, combining the features of the first two systems.


We bring you a wide selection of Rule bilge pumps and pump accessories in association with Amazon.

You can make a selection of the right Rule Bilge Pump for you by clicking on the displayed pumps below and read about the specific product information and specs attached to each.

If by any means you can not find the Rule bilge pump you need below, then do not hesitate to check BoatersWorld Rule Bilge Pumps Store or use the search facility below.


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