Sail Boats for Sale

If you're interested in sail boats for sale, there are many to choose from! Do you know what kind of sailboat you want?

The Internet is a terrific resource to find sail boats for sale. Whether you are looking for a new or used one, a quick search will reveal many results. Sailing is a popular water sport and can be pricey. There are benefits to buying a new as well as a used sail boat. When thinking about a boat purchase, consider a couple of questions.

  • What kind of boat do you want?
  • How much do you want to spend?

Types of Sail Boats

The most common sailboats include:

  • Sloop refers to the most common of sailboats with one mast and two sails.

  • Schooner has two or more masts, but the second is generally as tall as, or taller than, the first.

  • Catboats have single masts that are mounted forward.

  • Ketches are a lot like sloop sailboats but have a second mast called a mizzen mast.

  • Yawls are not unlike the ketch but have shorter mizzen masts.

There are different types of hull configurations, mast types, and keel types.

New or Used?

Buying a new boat comes with warranties, guarantees, and everything brand new. There are definite benefits to buying a sailboat that is brand new. The cost, though, can be prohibitive.

A used boat might be a perfect match, but it might also come with headaches. When buying used:

  • Is the boat in a good state of repair?
  • Are there any remaining warranties?
  • What accessories are included?
  • Are there any liens on the sailboat?

Other considerations for a boat owner include the cost of insurance for theft, fire, liability, uninsured boater, and contents; the price for off-season storage; regular maintenance fees, and boat transport.

A sail boat is a wonderful boat to own. A boating operation and safety course will make your ownership safe and even more pleasurable. If you are looking for sail boats for sale, the Internet, authorized dealers, and classified advertisements offer many choices. Plan your budget accordingly and sail away!


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