Seattle Boat Builders

Seattle boat builders are many and by all means amongst the finest in world. It is no coincidence that such level of boat building takes place in this flourishing city, voted the most literate city in the US with a teaming population of over 3 million.

Whether you are looking for traditional wooden boat builders, dinghies, aluminium boats, to top of the range luxury power boat and yacht builders, you will be amazed by the quality and wide array of world class boat builders to select from in Seattle.

We bring you a selection of the top Seattle boat builders for your boating needs. Remember: you can request for custom boat designed just for you.
Top Seattle Boat Builders

The following are the top boat builders in Seattle Washington


1150 1/2 NW 46th St.

SEATTLE, WA 98107-4632

Tel: 206-784-5077



Located near the shipping canal connecting Lake Union and the Puget Sound, The Boatwright has been building wooden boats since 1986 with interest in building custom boats and restorations


1608 S. 96th St.

Seattle, WA 98108

Tel: 206.763.2383

Fax: 206.762.2627


Delta Marine "builds luxury yachts for those who recognise and expect the very finest the world have to offer". They are a top top luxury boat builder – no wonder they are always in the news. Visit this echelon of Seattle boat builders and you would be pleased you did. See their website for a preview here

Jensen Motor Boat Company


SEATTLE, WA 98105-6713

Tel: 206-632-7888



Jensen Motor Boat has been in operation since 1902, and specialises in building both wooden boats and other types of watercrafts including house boats and fishing boats.

Kvichak Marine Industries

469 NW Bowdoin Place

Seattle, WA 98107

Tel: 206-545-8485

Fax: 206-545-3504


Kvichak specialises in building world class aluminium vessels of any specification.

Le Clercq Marine

1080 W. Ewing

Seattle WA 98119

Tel: 206.283.8555

Fax: 206.286.1726



Let Le Clercq Marine speak for them selves "Our design team is ready to create the perfect custom yacht design for you. We can also work in absolute cooperation with your own designer, to help you get exactly the yacht you've been wanting. Our attention to detail and exquisite interior work are proven in the many fine yachts we've built. In each one, we have combined design and craftsmanship to deliver a yacht that is as much art, as it is luxury." There are truly another of the top Seattle boat builders worth visiting or custom yachts.


605 South Riverside Drive

Seattle, Washington, 98108

Tel: 206. 767-4497

Fax: 206. 767-6724


Experts in aluminium boats, sea fox boats, and RIB.

Westport Yacht

2601 W. Marina Place, Suite F

Seattle, Washington 98199

Tel: 206-298-3360

Fax: 206-285-0342



West Marine

6317 Sea View Ave NW

Seattle, WA 98107-2664

Tel: 206-789-4640

Fax: 206-285-0342



There are other Seattle boat builders not mentioned here. If you are a boat builder in Seattle, and would want to be included here for free, please contact us here to be added to the list of Seattle boat builders.


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