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I want to sell my boat. What do I need to do, and where can I get advice and tips on how to sell my boat online fast? Is that you? Then worry no more. You can buy and sell boats here.

Post your boat for sale to our teeming visitors from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Israel, Italy, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan and the rest of the world. You are sure to get bids on your water craft in no time.

We will post your boat on our site for 90 days or until you sell ... which ever is shorter.

What is more? Come on and review top tips from our boating expert on how to prepare your boat for sale and then post your boat for sale for almost nothing.

Are you a prospective boat buyer looking for boats for sale, then see our featured boats posted for sale by owner .

Apart from buying boat privately, you may want to buy your dream water craft directly from a boat dealer. We have provided a directory of leading boat dealers from around the world.

Preparations to Make

Once you have decided to sell your boat, there a few things to be clear about:

  • What Maintenance Work to Do. If you want to sell your boat fast, then you may need to do some cleaning. Let me quickly mention here that you do not need to redo your boat to sell it; just basic cleaning and perhaps a good layer of painting to the bilge. Big time put offs to buyers of a boat are dirt, and rusts, and leaks and poor functioning engines. If you spend too much money on repairs at the point of sales, you may find it difficult to recoup the cost, albeit profit. A previously well maintained boat should only need good cleaning and repainting of the interiors if you can afford it.

  • Sell Privately or Use a Boat Broker? Selling your boat by yourself may mean you may avoid paying a broker any commission. You should however know that emotional attachment to a boat – positive or negative may stand in your way, especially with pricing.

    Boat brokers or boat sales professionals are more likely to give you a fair price for your boat, and they know the law governing boat sales too.

  • Pricing. If you choose to "sell my boat by myself", then go for it. Be dispassionate. Fix a genuine price. Avoid raising the asking price too high to "give room for negotiation"… it may put your potential buyer off.

    Also avoid placing a boat sales listing and fail to put a price, opting for the "make an offer" pricing… it leaves your potential buyer guessing. Do some research on boat for sales sites and compare your boats model, age and service history with those listed. This will give you an idea of what to expect in terms of pricing.

  • Questions to Expect. Any savvy boat buyer will want to know why you are selling your boat, what has gone wrong with the boat if anything, how long you have own the boat, how long it has been in the market and how many offers if any have you had from buyers. Be honest in all your answers. Talk less. Listen more – 30: 70% respectively.

I want to sell my boat – How to Get Customers

To maximise your chances of a quick sell, provide

  • a detailed description of your boat – boat type, length, year of manufacture, manufacturer, what it was used for if possible… and any other useful info you are comfortable to give once you are contacted by a buyer.

  • Include engine type and working status if known

  • When last was the boat surveyed, and is the offer subject to a survey?

  • Is there any special gadget or equipment or installation going with the sales

  • Pictures. Yes a single picture is worth a thousand words. Uploading a picture of your boat will increase the chances of an offer by over 60%

  • If you intend listing your boat on this site, please restrict your message to no more than 3 or 4 lines and you can provide further information to buyers once they contact you directly.

    Be sure to send photographs as an attachment to our reply massage ... please preferably in JPEG format.

List Your Boat

List your boat for sale here. Only pay us an administrative fee of 5.00 Euros . Complete the sell my boat form below to list your boat. This was how some one helped me to sell my boat! We will list your boat here until it is sold or for 3 months. Please drop us a note as soon as your boat is sold.

Please pay here for a quick listing:

Once payment is received, you will be able to list your boat on our: Listing page.

We will post your advert as soon as we receive it.

For further information on boat sales and how to sell my boat, see our boats for sales page.


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