Sunbrella Boat Covers

Sunbrella boat covers combine sun protection with a great look for your boat. You'll find interesting information about sunbrella boat covers right here!

What Is a Sunbrella Cover?

Sunbrella refers to a marine awning for your boat. Sunbrella covers are outdoor fabrics that are perfect for boats, patio and deck furniture, and canopies and awnings. There are many wonderful features about this fabric as an accessory:

  • It’s a great waterproof fabric that won’t go musty or rot.
  • This fabric will look beautiful for years after being purchased and looks great on any boat.
  • It’s available in any color or color combination you can dream up.
  • It won’t fade from being out in the sun and won’t fall apart due to exposure to salt water.
  • Sunbrella fabric is strong enough to withstand high winds and extreme weather conditions.
  • It’s great for sheltering boat passengers from the elements such as wind and sun.
  • Many people use this fabric on cushions and to cover upholstery as well as being perfect for a canopy or umbrella.
  • Many shop owners even choose sunbrella fabric for their outdoor awnings, due to the professional look, stain resistance, and durability.

Sunbrella Fabric Care

Sunbrella fabrics are fairly maintenance-free, which is one of the reasons they’re chosen for boats and awnings. While they typically don’t grow mold or mildew, if they are left dirty, they can deteriorate over time.

  • Caring for them is as easy as washing or power washing in a mild soap (such as mild dish soap, detergent is not recommended) and allowing to air dry.

  • There are fabric-guard products on the market that can be used to re-treat sunbrella fabric after it's washed to help it retain its water repellency.

Sunbrella boat covers not only protect your watercraft but look great as well. You can buy this product online through a sunbrella retailer or at a local marine supply store.

Boat covers and canopies help shield you from the elements including the damaging sunrays. Consider covering your boat when not in use to protect it as well as have an awning or canopy to enhance your comfort while aboard.


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