Transport a Boat

When you need to transport a boat, boat shipping or boat hauling services are available online.

If you're looking to move your boat, you need a reliable service to do this for you. Large boats, specifically, require specialized service to bring them from their manufacturer to their owner as well as for service purposes that are not always waterfront facilities.

There might come a time that you want to transport a boat on shore or in the air. It’s a good idea to prepare for this possibility.

Reasons to Transport

Moving a boat can be expensive, depending upon the destination.

  • Perhaps you are buying a boat from overseas or from another city.

  • Your boat might need to be brought to you via water, air, or freight truck from another place.

  • You might need to move and don’t want to part with your boat. Having it delivered is an option from many service companies.

  • Maybe you need your boat fixed and transported to the boat mechanic.
There are many reasons for having a boat transported, and most boat prices do not cover the cost of transportation. Whether your boat needs to be moved a short or long distance, there are many services online.

Transport Services

When choosing a service to transport a boat, be sure to find out:

  • Are there customs' clearance fees or paperwork required, and who pays for that?

  • Does the service cover insurance, or are you responsible for that separately?

  • Will your supplier move the boat from start to finish, or do they subcontract this out at any or all points?

It’s a good idea to have a service available, should the need arise to have your boat transported. Ask other boat owners which service they have used and found favorable.

Choose a service based upon:

    • industry experience
    • testimonials from customers
    • guarantees and responsibility
    • ease of doing business

It’s a good idea to compare several quotes and speak to more than one company before making a decision about transport. Boat type, size, and value will be factors contributing to the price of transportation.


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