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If you are looking for used air boats for sale, you are interested in a very unique watercraft. Air boats are flat-bottomed boats with a large fan in a cage.

They are a South Florida invention built out of necessity by froggers trying to navigate their power boat through a saw grass swamp. The fan is attached to either a plane or car motor.

The air boat operator is generally seated on a raised platform within the boat, and safety is a big factor in the operation of this type of watercraft.

Safety Precautions

Because of the importance of safety in an airboat, the driver is on a raised platform so he or she can pay attention to ensure that no obstructions get into the cage that holds the large fan.

Safety is critical as the amount of force the fan can produce if an item enters it can be detrimental to the safety of the passengers. Other considerations are:

  • Avoid handling the propeller, especially if it's unsecured.

  • Do not position your airboat in front of other water vessels. The air current can hurl items toward the propeller.

  • Do not leave items unsecured in the floor of your boat because the air current can bring them up into the cage that holds the fan.

  • Use ear plugs to protect your ears from the loudness of the air boat.

  • Always wear a life jacket or PFD (personal floatation device) while aboard the air boat regardless of your swimming abilities.

  • Keep a waterproof safety kit aboard with safety and first-aid supplies.

  • Before leaving dock or shore, do a pre-launch safety check list of the boat.

  • Check weather forecasts prior to departure to ensure you’re boating during decent climate.

Purchasing Air Boats

Airboats can be manufactured or built, and there are new and used airboats sold through:

    • boat dealers
    • boat trade shows
    • classified advertisements
    • online classifieds and virtual stores

Airboats are an interesting way to travel along the water, and many people are fascinated by the way they operate. If you're in the market for new or used air boats for sale, you'll discover many choices online. Why not buy a quality airboat online here on eBay auction below:


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