Used Boat Motors

Buying used boat motors requires that you do a bit of homework. Finding the right motor at a good deal is a fairly easy process if you know where to look.

Check out the abundant online boating information to help you make a wise choice. Whether you’re looking for an inboard or outboard boat motor, you can obtain a lot of free advice online.

Questions to Ask the Seller

Questions to ask about the used boat motor:

  • Is the motor in good working condition?
  • Is there a record of servicing done on the motor?
  • Is there any type of warranty on the motor from the seller?
  • Are there any remaining warranties or guarantees from the manufacturer?

Other Considerations

Other factors to take into consideration are:

  • Is this particular motor easy to acquire parts for?
  • Is the maker of the motor still in business?
  • What do other boaters say about that particular make and model of boat motor?
  • Am I paying a fair price based upon the market value of the motor?
  • What cost would I be paying for a brand new motor with the same specifications?

Anyone who is looking online for information about used boat motors will often find that there are boating enthusiast community forums where members will gladly give their advice, experience, and opinions about types of boat motors. Many Web sites dedicated to boating will also provide free article resources to help you become well versed in the type of information you will need. There are many classified online sites that sell used boat motors and any other accessory you might want or need for your boat.

If you are buying from a dealer, buy from someone reputable. If you are buying boat parts, motors, and accessories privately, be sure to ask lots of questions about the condition of the equipment so you are aware of exactly what you are buying.

Frequently, buying privately will secure a good deal, and there's a chance that the seller will throw in additional products as part of a package. For example, a boat owner might throw in the boat cover or the trailer. Whatever source you decide on for your purchase, doing your homework ahead of time can help you get the best value in used boat motors.


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