Used Boat Trailers

When looking at used boat trailers, make sure the trailer fits with your boat as well as the vehicle you use for towing.

Choosing a Boat Trailer

When buying anything that is second-hand, it’s important to look at the overall value of the item. To purchase a used item might be very beneficial and cost effective, but you need to make sure that the item is worth the sale price. When thinking about buying a used boat trailer:

  • Is still under warranty?
  • Is it in good condition?
  • Do all the features of the trailer work?
  • Does the trailer fit your boat?
  • Are there manuals and parts available for that particular model, should the need arise?

Buying used boat trailers can be a good strategy for saving money and obtaining a good product. You can often buy a trailer with your boat or as a separate purchase.

Types of Trailers

When determining which specific trailer is right for your boat, there are several considerations:

  1. If you are launching your boat in saltwater, you want to be sure that your boat trailer is made of material that can withstand that type of regular immersion. Boats trailers not made for saltwater can corrode and rust.

  2. You also want to be sure that your trailer fits your boat. There are boat trailers designed specifically for certain types of boats and others that are fairly generic. You want to be sure that you’re hauling your boat on a trailer that allows your boat to be safely secured as well as easy to load and unload.

  3. You should look at whether your boat requires a trailer with or without brakes. This is something that depends upon what type of boat you have and what type of vehicle you are using to haul your boat.

  4. Do you require extra storage on your trailer? Many trailers come equipped with the ability to haul extra items in addition to your boat.

Used boat trailers are available through classifieds, dealers who sell trade-ins, and many online resources for used boats and boat-related equipment.


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