Used Outboard Boat Motors

Are you looking for information on used outboard boat motors? It's an economical purchase if you know what to consider.

If you want used outboard boat motors, there is a lot of information available online that will help you to determine what to buy, how much it will cost, and what other considerations you should be taking prior to your purchase. Boaters love to talk about their hobby, and many online discussion forums and review sites exist with loads of advice.

Factors to Consider

When making your decision, you should focus on several factors:

  • What is the pricing and is it competitive?

  • What are the reputations of particular makes and models of motor?

  • Is there any warranty remaining or guarantees by the seller?

  • Look online at boating Web sites or product reviews to find out what others are saying about a particular make or model before investing.

When you buy an outboard boat motor, it is a pretty solid investment that can help you get a boat moving quite inexpensively. Buying used outboard boat motors are a good move for the beginner boat enthusiast or someone who wants a motor boat but wants to start off with a less expensive solution.

Gas or Electric Motor?

A gas outboard motor will be much faster than an electric motor. But, the electric motor is fairly quiet and a good solution for a hunting boat as well as being more environmentally friendly by using battery power instead of gasoline. An electric outboard boat motor will likely be less expensive, but you won’t attain the same speeds as in a gas powered outboard boat motor.

Boating is a fun and exciting hobby for people. Many people use small outboard powered boats for fishing, hunting, or family day excursions. Buying economical boats and then adding used outboard boat motors is an inexpensive way to get yourself a solid watercraft for the budget-minded or starter boater.


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