Voyager House Boats
Your Perfect Craft For A Family Houseboat Vacation

Voyager house boats are fantastic for vacations on the water! They are truly the perfect craft for houseboat vacations.

A floating home is a great way to describe Voyager house boats. They are popular for people who love to travel on the water with their families. These boats are equipped with all the modern conveniences of home so that you can live comfortably while vacationing on your pleasure craft.

The Voyager 50' houseboat for example, is an amazing work of purposeful engineering, providing a blend of massive space, safety and leisure, yet crowned with sublime beauty. Made up of aluminum hall and fiber glass cabin, this boat is able to sleep 10 persons, as well as having a huge gallery for partying.

It can easily take two families on vacation. It comes with built in ovens and gas ranges, cooking utensils, FM stereo and most other modern conveniences in a home.

Looking for a houseboat vacation? Try the voyager houseboats and you will easily see why it is a first.

House Boat Fun

If you like to travel leisurely on your boat and want to enjoy it with your family and friends, a houseboat is like having a house, cottage, RV, or trailer on the water. You can enjoy all the comforts and luxuries of home while traveling through lakes, lock systems, rivers, and even oceans. A house boat is like having your very own hotel on water.

Families with children love houseboats. Dad can fish, Mom can sunbathe, and the kids can play on board or go for a swim. Families can enjoy barbecues, star gazing, and taking trips into towns along the way. Many house boats come equipped with water slides. After the kids are tucked into bed, Mom and Dad can have a candlelit dinner on the top deck for some quality time alone.

Rent a Voyager House Boat for A Family Houseboat Vacation

Are you looking to rent a voyager houseboat for a family or friends houseboat vacationing? The Voyager brand of houseboats comes in various series.

The size or series to choose may depend on the number of people you are expecting to take on board. The following are the popular series for houseboat vacations:

  • Voyager 25' Houseboat
    This will sleep 2-3 adults inside, and a further 2 in the deck. This will be ideal for a very small family. This houseboat can be rented from around $150 per day.
  • Voyager 42' Houseboat
    Another houseboat for a small family. It is usually built and installed with two single bunks, 1 double bed and a pull-out bed, making it ideals for a family of up to 5. The deck can sleep a further 2 if really needed. The rental rates for this houseboat is about $300 per day.
  • Voyager 44' Houseboat
    The Voyager 44' houseboat has a built in capacity to house up to 7 persons inside, and 3 on the deck. It has comes with two double bunk beds, and two single beds, with one or two extra sleeper beds.
  • Voyager 50' Houseboat
    This is the mother of all Voyager houseboats, perhaps the most popular houseboat rented for parties on the lake. It can accommodate two to three families, and sleep up to 10 persons. If you are looking for a spacious houseboat to rent, then this is it. Rental rates starts from $450 per day. Thinking of throwing a river boat party? Shell out on this.

    Many people try renting a house boat first, to see if it’s for them. If you love water sports and you also love camping or RVing, a house boat is very likely the right investment for you.

    Most house boats are set up very much like an RV with a galley for cooking, a living area, sleeping quarters, and one or more bathrooms. There are typically one or two decks, and houseboats have the ability for the captain to operate the boat from either the main deck or sometimes both decks.

    House boats come equipped with furniture, appliances, and even sound systems. Voyager house boats give a family or individuals a great vacation on the water where they can relax or head out on an adventure!

    Remember, you can use voyager house boats for water sportstoo. Whatever is your reason for seeking voyager house boats, make sure you enjoy the experience.


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