Water Sports Equipment

Water sports equipment will make your day at the beach or on your boat a real adventure. Gear up for fun!


There’s more to do than soak up the sun when you're outdoors, and here are some fun, water sports activities:

  • Scuba diving and snorkeling are popular underwater sports. Diving requires some serious water sports equipment and some rigorous training. These activities are addictive once you get started!

  • Surfing and wind surfing are exhilarating sports. You'll find yourself always looking for the perfect wave.

  • Water skiing is something that many people enjoy as well as tubing where you’re connected to the power of a boat and can feel the wind in your hair while you ride the waves.

  • Jet skiing is a great sport that allows you, on your personal watercraft, to fly like the wind on a water adventure.


When engaging in any water sport, whether in or on the water, it’s important to wear a personal floatation device to help you in case of an emergency.

Even a very strong swimmer should wear a PFD when water skiing, windsurfing, jet skiing, or performing other water sports. Everyone in a boat should have on a life jacket or personal floatation device at all times. Today’s gear is much less bulky and less noticeable so it's not a burden to wear while out on the water. Whether fishing, white-water rafting, or simply riding in a pedal boat, you should always put safety first.


Innovative and useful accessories exist to make your water sports enjoyable. Water sports equipment such as GPS technology (global positioning systems) diving watches and hi-tech wetsuits can help your day out on the water be more enjoyable and more comfortable.

Great new items are released all the time for use at beaches, waterfront cottages, or for use with boats. Items such as water trampolines, inflatable ocean or sea riding toys that are motorized, and a host of fun water toys are available to enhance the experience for those using the water for vacation or because they're sailors at heart.

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