Water Sports Gear

In the market for water sports gear? Try out the latest and greatest products to enhance your boating and water sports experience.

There are new and exciting products released continuously to make water sports more interesting and exciting. Discover the latest buzz on water sports gear!

Boating News

The latest in boating is GPS (global positioning system) technology, as well as satellite XM radio. The technology now available in marine electronics is staggering. Boats can be equipped with all the technology available on land. Wireless Internet access, electronic nautical maps, and more are out there to enhance the boating experience.

In addition to boating fun, the latest extreme water sports are:

  • Kite boarding is one of the new, hot trends in extreme water sports and involves using a powered kite to pull your surfboard along or pull a snowboard along on land.

  • Wakeboarding is similar to water skiing and also comparable to surfing.


Once you have all your gear, you'll want to accessorize. People are looking for the best wetsuit and a lighter and less bulky alternative to the traditional life jacket.

  • The new PFD (personal floatation devices) is like wearing a lightweight vest that doesn’t get in your way whatsoever and is even more effective in keeping you buoyant in the water, which can be a lifesaver.

  • There are many amenities you can buy for your large or small boat to make it more comfortable and wetsuits are higher tech than ever.

  • Everyone knows how important sun protection is, and there are sunglasses and even specially designed clothing to protect you from UVA and UVB rays while you enjoy your fun in the sun.

  • Water trampolines are great for fun on the lake and are becoming popular at resorts as well.

  • Watches designed for water sports are abundant and regularly updated with new and improved features.

  • There are plenty of other water toys available to have family fun with as well including fun water guns, floating basketball or volleyball nets, and inflatable rafts and chairs.

New and exciting water sports gear products are released constantly. Your favorite supplier will be happy to put you on their mailing list to keep you abreast of new and anticipated product offerings.


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